About March of the Living

The world is crumbling and the dead are roaming, but a glimmer of hope remains. A safe place where humanity can start over, protected from the hell this world has become. This is your destination.

Along the way you'll meet allies, defeat foes and battle through the infected. Manage your resources and make the tough decisions necessary to ensure the survival of your group. In this march for salvation, your choices matter.


March of the Living is a survival roguelike-like inspired by FTL in a zombie apocalypse setting.


  • Manage a group of up to 6 survivors
  • A new procedurally generated game world on each play-through
  • Define your journey through hundreds of events
  • Real time combat with the possibility to pause at any time
  • Trade for the supplies you need
  • Scavenge for goods in cities
  • Four starting characters to unlock
  • Adaptive music for an immersive experience

PC / Mac Release 2016

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